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The Gospel of Judas with Mary Sparrowdancer

• arclein
we find we have actually been divinely invited to seek the truth and ask questions, because the truth is never marred or harmed by questions. Asking questions only serves to make the truth shine brighter. One might wonder into which direction we shou

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Comment by Ed Price
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I like the part of the article where Professor Klein comments, "This is a novel perspective on Jesus and Judas." He is right. It's a novel. That's why it has taken so long to find it, dig it out, and translate it.

The power of the truth of the Bible is what makes it strong, makes it alive, has brought it out into the open for thousands of years so that people can be saved. If the Bible were not truth, it would not be here. At least it wouldn't be accepted by anyone as anything more than a fairytale.

Same for the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It took such a long time to find and translate it for one simple reason. It has no power. No matter how many ancient Irish Celts are found as rulers in ancient Egypt, they are dead and gone. The Bible rules.