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How the Gold Market was Crashed

• Bill Downey -
A successful ambush usually involves surprise. And the surprise requires a carefully orchestrated setup. So now let’s get a look at how the crash was prepared.

The FOMC minutes from the last meeting were due for release during last week. But a funny thing happened. They got released EARLIER than expected. It was all a big mistake and the FED let the SEC and the CFTC know right away that the error had occurred. And lo and behold, despite the FED’s transparency and newly crafted reputation for delivering timely and accurate reports, there happened to be some language we didn’t get updated on until the FOMC minutes were released. The notes say that several members have been discussing cutting back on the stimulus. That was strike one. It got the gold market thinking that stimulus cuts might be coming.

Strike one called by the umpire.

Surprise number two appears.

A bombshell was released from news sources. It was reported that Cyprus would have to sell 400 million Euro’s of gold as part of the bailout package of raising money for their failed banking system. Gold prices came down to 1550 on the news and the day passed by. Even though Cyprus bankers tell us the next day that they didn't discuss selling any gold, market jitters remained with Friday just around the corner. 

This was strike two.

Now we need a strike three and you’re out.

Gold is a nervous market to begin with as a lot of people have already lost a lot of money in the last six months. With Gold at 1550, all that is needed for the market to drop is to get one more push where all the stops are.  This price level was just below the 2 year low of 1525.

With the setup in place the final pitch was ready to be delivered.

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