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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

•, by The Angry Prepper
Homes were damaged, properties were destroyed, and lives were lost. This Hurricane had a lot to teach us. A lot of us (Preppers) were prepared for this storm and tested our emergency plan for the first time, in real time. We got to learn a lot about our emergency plan and some of us will patch the holes in our plans, if any.

What Happened:

Hurricane Sandy came through the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), Maryland, and Pennsylvania with a force that hasn’t been seen in over a hundred years. Hurricane Sandy ripped through cities, towns, and neighborhoods without any prejudice. Hurricane Sandy also sent storm surges to drown out these areas. High winds tore through homes and properties. People were killed, injured and left homeless. The Jersey Shores, Coney Island, Long Island, and parts of New York City’s landscape were changed forever. 24 states were effect by the Super Storm Sandy, Canada, and the Caribbean islands. Hurricane Sandy reached a recorded 980 miles in diameter. 

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