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I'm Dropping Out of College


My first year is nearly complete and I’m left with one feeling... burdened.

I go to a good school, with good teachers, and have made some good friends but to be $1,000’s in debt to be taught things I already know or things that have no application to the real world… it’s not worth it, not for me.

Yes, a degree is vitally important for some (doctors, lawyers, etc.) but for someone who’s been coding since she was 12, the value isn’t worth the investment.

I can continue to learn and grow independent of a formal institution as I’ve done for the past several years or I can spend a great deal of time and money to go through the process of earning a piece of paper that will likely provide me no more value in the world than what I can accomplish on my own effort.

So how can I justify the cost of college?

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