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The Boston Bombing Produces Familiar and Revealing Reactions

•, by Glenn Greenwald
 There's not much to say about Monday's Boston Marathon attack because there is virtually no known evidence regarding who did it or why. There are, however, several points to be made about some of the widespread reactions to this incident. Much of that reaction is all-too-familiar and quite revealing in important ways:

(1) The widespread compassion for yesterday's victims and the intense anger over the attacks was obviously authentic and thus good to witness. But it was really hard not to find oneself wishing that just a fraction of that compassion and anger be devoted to attacks that the US perpetrates rather than suffers. These are exactly the kinds of horrific, civilian-slaughtering attacks that the US has been bringing to countries in the Muslim world over and over and over again for the last decade, with very little attention paid. My Guardian colleague Gary Younge put this best on Twitter this morning:

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Actually, the media -- and assorted politicians -- bent over backwards to blame the Boston Marathon bombing on "domestic terrorists", "tax protesters", "right-wingers" and so on -- despite the evidence which linked it to Jihadists.  Why do so many people strive so hard to make nicey-face at people who have repeatedly boasted that they really do intend to destroy our country, destroy our culture, and enslave or kill us all?



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