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The Clairvoyant George Lucas

 This article was far from a perfect analogy (as no analogy is perfect) yet many different parallels can be drawn between the Star Wars series and modern day America. In fact, after composing my original article, I began to notice more and more parallels and notice how clairvoyant producer George Lucas was, having scripted this epic story in the 1970s. Whether deliberate or not, George Lucas created a story that was once my childhood fantasy and is now my adult reality – especially as a student of Austrian economics.

To simplify this analogy, the theme shall be limited to the past 100 years beginning with the rise of Austrian economics led by Ludwig Von Mises in the early part of the twentieth century. As Ludwig Von Mises was so intellectually consistent and pure he can be compared to none other than the great Jedi Master Yoda, whose main role in the Star Wars series was to educate others and impart his knowledge of the force on to other Jedis. In the 1920s the Austrian economists were the world’s leading economists as they had accurately predicted so many events of that period. In Episode I of the 6 part series, The Jedi Council (Austrian economists) was respected all throughout the galaxy known for their mental purity, their opposition to the dark side (central banking), and their understanding of the force (the economy and the business cycle).

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