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Guest Post: How Does This End?

 Here are but a few examples of how this has been accomplished: Bailouts for the wealthy and well-connected are paid for by the unconnected middle class. Subsidies are provided for unworkable schemes submitted by political donors and favorites. These schemes inevitably fail and the tax-payer is left holding an empty bag. Laws are routinely ignored when “friends” need help. In identical circumstances, would you receive the same treatment as Jon Corzine? Despite the biggest theft in world history, no one was prosecuted. The Savings and Loan crisis in the 1980s was trivial in comparison to the recent financial crisis. More than a thousand S&L executives were prosecuted. Ever-increasing sacrifices in the form of higher taxes from the productive sector are demanded to continue the plush living of the ruling class.

Capitalism and free markets depend upon trust, integrity, property rights and the rule of law.

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