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Researchers Discover First Earth-Sized Planets That Could Support Life

• Business Insider

NASA will hold a news briefing at 2 p.m. EDT to discuss the findings. We'll add more information here based on what they say.

The five planets orbit a star called Kepler 62. They were detected by the Kepler spacecraft, launched in 2009 to look for Earth-sized planets near stars like our sun.

The two outermost most planets in the five-planet system, named Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f, are super-Earths. They are 1.61 and 1.41 times the radius of Earth, respectively.
The planets are of great interest because they are the smallest planets detected by the Kepler mission that orbit within the "habitable zone" of a star other than our sun (that planet in our solar system is Earth).


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