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A Quarterback Guru Says He Has 'Fixed' Tim Tebow With Tai Chi

• Business Insider

Clarkson, who has helped groom a number of NFL quarterbacks, says Tebow's problems were actually very minor and revolved around his footwork...

A lot of what was happening with his throwing motion and why it was elongated was because of the way he placed his feet at the end of his drop. Right before he'd make his throw, his hips would stop at mid-motion, and the ball would come off in funny places. So that was one thing that we really honed in on, was trying to tie his feet up."

And according to Clarkson, two things helped Tebow overcome his flaw: Tai Chi and losing weight.

Clarkson says they used a lot of Tai Chi during workouts as an effort to help Tebow "make his body work as one unit." Clarkson adds that Tebow was too big in 2012 and is working to drop about 12 pounds in order to "recapture a lot of his athleticism."

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