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This Is the Modern Manhunt: The FBI, the Hive Mind and the Boston Bombers

• Spencer Ackerman via

In an earlier era, law enforcement might not have identified the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing so rapidly.

When the smoke literally cleared on Monday, investigators had a huge problem and nearly no leads. No individual or organization claimed responsibility for the bombings that killed three and wounded more than 180. So they took a big leap: They copped to how little they knew, and embraced the wisdom of The Crowd.

Hiding in plain sight was an ocean of data, from torrents of photography to cell-tower information to locals’ memories, waiting to be exploited. Police, FBI, and the other investigators opted to let spectator surveillance supplement and augment their own. When they called for that imagery, locals flooded it in. They spoke to the public frequently, both in person and especially on Twitter. All that represented a modern twist on the age-old law enforcement maxim that the public’s eyes and ears are crucial investigative assets, as the Internet rapidly compressed the time it took for tips to arrive and get analyzed.

But the FBI and police have been reluctant to embrace what the hive mind can provide: it implies the authorities don’t always have the answers. Veteran law enforcement officers remember cases from the ’90s when the bureau clammed up to the public and local cops, at the expense of receiving greater public cooperation. “If law enforcement didn’t share any information — [as with bombers] Terry Nichols, Ted Kaczynski — if your intel is shared with no one, that is the consummate investigative challenge,” says Mike Rolince, a retired FBI special agent who set up Boston’s first Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Why did the American Indians lose? For the same reason that freedom is losing now.

The American Indians did not lose because they were not brave and courageous. They did not lose because they were not strong fighters. It wasn't because they were not strategically minded enough in their battle plans. It wasn't because they were out-armed or outnumbered. And it certainly wasn't because God hated them.

So why did the American Indians lose? It was because THEY WERE FREE. At least, they had freedom a little more than the peoples of the United States. Their governments were not allowed to tax them. Their warriors could be shamed into fighting, but they could not be forced into fighting. And as long as we the people remain freer than our Government, yet without a united battle plan, we will go on losing.

If the whole thing isn't a Government lie that the brothers did it, if the videos of them preparing the bomb is not fake, if the brothers were not PAID by Government agents with the promise of protection when it came down to an arrest, then they were at least subtly led and coerced into doing it.

If we don't unite against Big Brother, we will lose our freedom just like the American Indians did. As long as Government can keep on taxing us and taking away our guns, they can continue to subtly lead and coerce us deeper into slavery.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Come on sheeple. The FBI knew about these brothers for years and knew exactly who they were after right from the start. The whole thing was a set up and false flag operation and don't forget right out of the District of Criminals, never let a major crisis go to waste.

Now we can test our nazi agenda to see how far we can go closing down the city and life itself while invading people's homes without cause or any warrants.


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