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Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees From Camera

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Proving once again the necessity of his federal lawsuit and his new website, the owner of DontWakeMeUp.Org was ironically woken up on the very day that he publicly launched his new site and PR campaign. At the internal suspiconless border checkpoint on I-35N in Laredo, Texas, border officers once again woke up an off-duty sleeping truck driver and tried to demand that he step out of the vehicle. Once again, the motorist recorded the interaction.

A few lessons here: Always have your camera ready to record all interactions with law enforcement. You do not have to comply with illegal orders. You do not have to get out of a vehicle when there is no reasonable suspicion or probable cause. If you're not driving, you don't have to show ID. As illustrated by Terry Bressi at the great website CheckpointUSA.Org, you are not obligated to answer any questions at internal suspiconless warantless checkpoints.

The incident began when the co-driver pulled into the checkpoint.

Officer 1: "How you doin?"

Driver: "Good."

Officer 1: "Is there anyone else with you?"

Driver: "Yeah, my co-driver."

Officer 1: "Can he step out?

Driver: "Huh?

Officer 1: "Can he step out real quick?"

Driver: "He's sleeping."

Officer 1: "Can you wake him up for me?"

Driver: "Um, I should not wake him up, we are going to California and he needs to rest eight hours."

Officer 1: "If you want I'm just trying to make it easier for you. If not I'll just send you over there. Whenever he wakes up, do you want to do that?"

Driver: "What are you talking about?"


At that point the off-duty resting driver gets out of bed with the camera.

The off-duty driver then gets up with camera in hand, saying "Is there a problem sir? What's your name? Let me talk to a supervisor."

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