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Could the Cops Be Lying in Boston? Surely Not!

• Lew Rockwell blog
According to Wiggum, the older brother all of a sudden decided to come out from behind cover and walk right up to the cops, unloading his gun in the process. When he ran out of ammunition, says Wiggum, one of the heroes in blue tackled him. As officers were handcuffing him, Wiggum explains, his younger brother decided to charge them with the stolen SUV. The donut eaters were able to leap away just in time, leaving the older brother not only to be run over but dragged down the street as the younger suspect hightailed it out of there. 

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Cops, drones with guns and badges, are trained to lie or do what ever it takes to keep the slaves under control.  Most if not all of these brain dead drones are  stupid, apathetic and the most dangerous element we have in our society today.

Ask any of them if they even know what the 1st amendment of the Constitution is that they swore to uphold and protect. THEY DON"T!  because if they did they wouldn't be committing the crimes they do against their neighbors and community members on a daily basis that most of the sheeple believe is just business as usual. 


Comment by Powell Gammill
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