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Back to Back C-span callers: Boston Marathon Bombing a false flag to take away more rights

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Comment by TL Winslow
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When it comes to Islam, maybe it's Alex Jones who's the false flag.

Of course the FBI and the DHS knew about the Boston Jokers and could have stopped them, but thanks to TRAITOR PRESIDENT OBAMA, a stealth Muslim jihadist, they were prevented from doing so.  All Obama wants is to open America's gates to Muslims, then cover up that reading the Quran is why they do bad things to infidels, while secretly gloating that he runs the coverup from the top. And Jones plays right into his hands, doesn't he?

All an infidel needs to know about the Quran is one verse, 5:33, which makes it every Muslim believer's duty to do what the Boston Jokers did. Obama knows this verse very well, which is why he has publicly quoted its coverup preamble 5:32 but never quotes it. See this great new video and help it go viral, the PC media and even Jones don't want you to see it.


If you still think the Boston Massacre was a false flag, you're a sucker. When you're ready to fly with the eagles and take Islam on, see my blog:



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