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Shocking Footage: Americans Ordered Out Of Homes At Gunpoint By SWAT teams

• Steve Watson via PrisonPlanet

Shocking footage has emerged from Friday’s lockdown in Boston, where police, federal agents, national guard troops and SWAT teams enforced door to door searches of everyone’s home within twenty blocks as the entire city was placed under orders to stay off the streets.

The video, shot by a resident from their own house across the street, shows police barking orders at men and women as they order them at gunpoint to identify themselves, put their hands on their heads, and get out of their own home. They are then ordered to run down the street to be further frisked by police as scores of armed militarized cops look on.

The scenes look like something out of a disaster movie, with the backdrop of suburban America juxtaposed with what is essentially martial law playing out in full daylight.

The story floated in the mainstream media that the door to door searches were conducted with the voluntary consent of the residents of Watertown is clearly false. 9000+ Police locked down an entire city and went in with full force, with armored vehicles and combat gear, all to search for an injured 19 year old kid who turned out to be cowering in someone’s back yard.

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Comment by Jean Thompson
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 This is rediculous. Who ever issued such an order should be sued for violation of their oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States of  America and they should be removed from their position and replaced with some one with more then a half of a Brain. They are looking for the patsy and must stop him before he finds a refuge and proves his innocence. The people that participated in this should be ashamed of them selves but Kissengers comment, Military are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy was not at all off base and that goes for the militarized police domestically as can be seen in this video.

Comment by Ed Price
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How long is it going to take us average Americans to realize that WAR is here, in America. How long will it take to before we realize that we need to arm ourselves with all the latest and best weapons that the military has, not to protect ourselves from Boston-style bombers, but to protect ourselves from invasion by SWAT and the National Guard that are supposed to be here to protect us?

Wake up, America. Boston bombers are the least of our worries.

Comment by Ed Price
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Kinda like 9000+ Bonnie and Clyde's.

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