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Gcorelab Gets $482,000 For New Battery Cooling Technology

•, Victoria Ho
 Battery packs that use lithium-ion cells such as those found in laptops and, in larger deployments like electric cars, can suffer from cells failing. When the cells do and overheat, they can cause a chain reaction with neighboring cells, in a process known as thermal runway propagation, and this can lead to explosions.

Gcorelab has patented its cooling technology. It relies on cooling plates, and the team claims that its “oblique fin technology” can achieve 50 to 80 percent better results compared with liquid cooling, while using the same amount of energy.

Battery temperatures are managed by transferring heat away from components, and sensors help to regulate the cooling process, said Gcorelab co-founder, Ray Kung. It also works in cold climates, with heaters and coolers jumping in to keep things optimal, he added. (Batteries are finicky things; arctic temperatures can make them blow up, too.)

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