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Rand Paul’s reversal: I don’t care if a drone kills a liquor store robber with $50 in cash

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who filibustered for 13 hours in March 2013 against the idea of using military drone technology against U.S. citizens, said he supported them being used against criminal suspects in an interview with Fox Business Channel on Monday.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here's the problem with this kind of thinking. With regard to Government, the ALLEGED thief is not a thief until he goes through the courts and is judged guilty. There might be 10,000 video cameras and 10,000 law enforcement officers watching him commit the crime, but he is still not guilty until he is pronounced so by the courts after a proper, due process trial.

Notice that things are different with the store proprietor, or other private, non-government witnesses. In their judgement, because they are not part of Government, the alleged thief may be entirely guilty. And they may treat him as such as far as they are legally allowed to do so.

When anyone uses drones to execute a thief before he has the chance to stand trial, that person is guilty of murder. If it does not remain like this, when will Government decide that they can drone you down for J-walking or spitting on the sidewalk? How about for videoing a police incident?

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