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Reid bill would require background checks to purchase black powder

•, Pete Kasperowicz
 Reid introduced the bill, S. 792, for Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), who has been out sick for much of the year. But in a press statement, Lautenberg said the Boston bombing shows that background checks are needed for explosive materials.

“It defies common-sense that anyone, even a terrorist, can walk into a store in America and buy explosive powders without a background check or any questions asked,” Lautenberg said Tuesday. “Requiring a background check for an explosives permit is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our communities.

Under current law, people can buy up to 50 pounds of explosive “black powder” with no background check, and can buy unlimited amounts of other explosive powders, such as “black powder substitute” and “smokeless powder.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Just curious. What do you get if you knead about 85% black powder into about 15% Bondo auto body putty? I mean, will it explode as it hardens or before, maybe while you are kneading? Will the result be a hard little object made of black powder? If I tried it - especially by hand - I would want to use only a BB size of black powder until I was SURE as to how safe it was. Just curious.

Comment by Dave Phemid
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Harry doesn't know S**T from Shineola. Anyone with a computer can get the formula for black powder. I have been making it for years and never had to have a background check. Everytime these government clowns open their mouths, they show how stupid they really are. 

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