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The Boston Inquisition

•, By Jack D. Douglas
 The U.S. secret police armies, apparently led in this case by the FBI working for the White House, took custody of a 19 year old immigrant boy riddled by bullets in the head, neck, legs, arm [s?] and [one or two?] hands, totally isolated him in a Boston hospital prison ward [strapped down?] surrounded by vast police and secret police forces, declared the boy cannot speak, was unconscious, on many strong drugs sedating him, might not live or even regain consciousness, declared he would be denied all visits from family and legal counsel until they had thoroughly questioned him, then the next day secretly let in a federal magistrate appointed by the White House Justice Dept., to arraign the boy, then announced that he could not speak, but confessed to what they and the Republicrat Media charge him with by nodding [and winking?] and signing something they gave him in his stuporous state and he signed with a hand not too crippled or drugged to sign, his only unwounded body member, then they announced it to the world to give him Justice under the American Constitution by disappearing him forever and preventing any possible legal investigation and defense.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The point doesn't revolve around a comparison of Islamic ideals and goals, with United States ideals and goals. The point is that the ideals and goals set down in black and white - ink on paper - of our Constitutional Government are constantly being illegally and unlawfully set aside by the people who purport to be our Government officials.

Right or wrong, Islamic Jihadists are far truer to their "constitution" - the Koran - than we - citizens or Government officials - are to our United States of America Constitution. As it stands now, it is our own Government that is promoting Islamic terrorism in our land, simply by not following their own black on white due process laws.

Comment by TL Winslow
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" But here's the final twist on Obama's supreme trashing of our Constitution. He and his totalitarian secret police have gone to such a total extreme in tyranny that they make the infamous Inquisitors of witches look like freedom and justice loving Americans."

Articles like this that attempt to coopt a tragedy of the American people to sow hatred for our govt. by trying to make Muslim jihadists into innocent pawns or victims of infidel govt. agencies make one question everything they say on any topic.

Who cares about the Boston Joker Bombers or how they were treated by the govt.? They're pond scum after what they did. Pres. Obama gutted the DHS for years to make them coddle Muslims, and allowed them a free pass to do the massacre in the first place, the same Obama who once gave a speech sermonizing on how the "Holy Quran" says that taking a single life is like killing the whole world. Well, the Boston Jokers killed the whole world, and the blood is on who's hands?  It's not about the whole govt. though, just the bum at the top and how he's tying the hands of those who should protect us from jihadists by continuing the lie that Islam isn't at fault and that those who do just what Allah commands in the Quran are perverting or corrupting Islam.

Oh yes, perverting or corrupting Islam, that comes from Quran 5:33, the next verse after the one Obama quoted about killing the whole world. What a con man. 5:33 says that Allah commands all true Muslims to kill, crucify, or imprison anybody who perverts or corrupts his Perfect Law of Sharia anywhere on Earth. Hence the Jokers were just doing Allah's will, and have a valid claim that Allah deputized him to be his Sharia Cops. 5:32 about killing the whole world was a Jewish teaching Allah was quoting in order to hold up as an example of what not to do, because 5:33 follows with his orders what to do, and in Boston it sounded like kaboom kaboom.

We would have never had 9/11 or the Boston Massacre if the U.S. had kept its gates closed to all would-be immigrants who believe in the Quran, whose DNA is alien to everything our country stands for. The First Amendment should not be used by Muslims to hide behind when 5:33 tells all Muslims to subvert and abolish it for perverting and corrupting Sharia. When there's two scorpions in a bottle one has to go, and it won't be us.

Spread this great new video that explains 5:32 and 5:33 in simple terms, then fight to turn Congress around on Muslim immigration, and fork the govt. conspiracy kooks, Muslims aren't agents or tools of American infidels, that's moose hockey because Muslims believe in something they will not only die but kill for. Quite the opposite, Muslims have been making fools of American infidels and are continuing to do so because we let the Trojan Horse in the gate in the first place, bringing looming endless war.




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