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Boston: Death Sentence for Looking Out Window?

•, James Bovard
 So our security now depends on permitting police to threaten to kill anyone who disobeys any order? Or to treat every American like a terrorist suspect who can be gunned down on the flimsiest pretext?

As more people view photos like the above, the knee-jerk pro-government reaction to last week’s finale will dissipate. It will not matter if 70% or 80% of people still support any action the government takes.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I disagree Jim.

I have been appalled at the lack of complaint either while the search was being conducted or afterwards filtering out of Boston.  I can understand the almost complete lack of video or photos from the corporate media as well as the post action interviews of gushing occupants expressing their fondest most sincere thanks for the brutal finger fucking they received.  

But the lack of video, audio, livestreaming and photos from the effected civilian populace is dispiriting.  The lack of post action complaints posted on the Internet equally so.  The elite may control the media but they don't control the Internet and an absence of something there means an absence of something.  In this case that great in your face punk spirit of "fuck you where is your warrant you mother fucking pig!"  Or even the preferred nice, "certainly officer just as soon as I see your warrant."

I did see photos of a few people handcuffed behind their back and laid out on their lawns.  I have not read a damned thing about why they were arrested, and their disposition.  I suspect they said the wrong thing.  But then I don't know.

I do not believe the people of Boston are any different from anywhere else in this nation.  I believe this is evidence that we have been successfully culled.  Now that they know they can not only get away with this behavior, but have the serfs lick the back of their LEO's hands in gratitude for their treatment our masters will undoubtedly be using this more frequently and throughout the nation.  Buckle up, we are in for a wild ride.

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