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Creation Without GOD

• arclein
Stephen Hawking began the event by reciting an African creation myth, and rapidly moved on to big questions such as, Why are we here? He noted that many people still seek a divine solution to counter the theories of curious physicists, and at one point, he quipped, “What was God doing before the divine creation? Was he preparing hell for people who asked such questions?”

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Comment by Ed Price
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When you consider the complexity of the universe - focusing on the part we can readily examine, the earth - you see a vast combination of complex "things" that are impossible. We really have NO clue as to how these things could have come into being. 

Jim Humble says it this way in his latest newsletter entitled "Vegetarianism Facts and Fallacies" found at


Evolution is about our planet, not just man. Now, let me point out an important and interesting thing about this planet. You’ve heard of it. We have a natural ecosystem throughout earth. Earth is one great big system of plants, animals, people, weather, and a thousand other things. Do you possibly think that things just grew together all at once? The answer is NO. All these things evolved together but the evolution had to be an intelligent evolution. All life here is dependent upon other life here. Nothing exists unto itself. How could a happenstance evolution, for example, create or evolve mother’s love, or romantic love, or even compassion? This is not an argument for or against GOD. This is only to point out some obviously natural things that exist.

In order to produce life, this planet had to have a moon but the existence of a moon makes the possibility of chance thousands of times less likely. The main thing I want to show is that this planetary system had to be designed by someone. Man might have evolved, and horses, and pigs and things, but making a whole planet evolve in such a way that it is an ecosystem designed somehow to support the top species of intelligent beings is rather far-fetched if there wasn’t some kind of control from the beginning.

The natural tendency of things is to deteriorate. People get old and die. Automobiles get old and fall apart. Man’s brutality towards man has gotten worse and worse over the centuries and now we kill more men than ever before. The natural tendency is to deteriorate, not to evolve towards better things. Things wear out. This is the natural order of all things. So there are two developing tendencies. One is towards deterioration, and the other is towards an upwards evolution. I’m sorry, but the upwards evolution necessary to design a whole planet simply could not happen by happenstance. There simply had to be some intelligence behind it. The odds against the happenstance of such a system would be infinite, which would then mean that it would never happen.

Again, this is not an argument for or against the existence of GOD. As I see it, whenever a planet shows up in the natural sequence of this universe, or at least this galaxy, with the proper conditions, that there has been built into the fabric of space the intelligent record to evolve the entire planet for intelligent life. This information was created by the designers of this universe. The designers were, hold on to your hat, Life, all life. Life is not activated chemicals and minerals such as a live body. That is merely something that the instructions of evolution evolved so that life would have a fast-moving interesting body to occupy. Nothing lives unless it is occupied by life, which is something that cannot be defined without difficulty. (See the book Secrets of Enlightenment by Jim Humble) If life isn’t there the organism dies (quits functioning) whatever it might be, a human body, a butterfly, a tree, a rat or whatever.

The evolutionists give us some sort of a tremendous number that is one chance in billions that human life would evolve. But can you see the tremendous odds that an ecosystem planet with thousands of plants, animals, insects, evolved where most things were designed to help one another and the intelligent species survive and even run the planet? That a whole system would happen is millions of times more complex than just evolving a single race of humans and a bunch of animals. So, true or not, this theory would indicate that without the intelligent evolution instructions built into the fabric of space, this planet could not happen. (Of course there are dozens of other possibilities but let’s at least admit it had to be something other than happenstance. So you don’t have to believe like me, but my belief is that intelligent life created this universe and that is us.)


The point is, even though Humble is not trying to suggest that there is a God, both he and the evolutionists are starting to see in the complexity of nature, things that match the dictionary description of God, or at least a great god.

Now, add to the above the idea of something outside this universe. Consider that there just might be something that shares nothing whatsoever with anything in this whole universe. Consider that there might be something that is so extremely different than this universe that even the word "different" has no meaning, because there is absolutely nothing in this whole universe that we can base it on.

To deny the probability of God, in the light of all the complexity of the universe, amounts to an effort to crawl back into something way less enlightened than the dark ages.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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the moody blues - how is it ( we are here )?

Arclein, whose site has the original article, argues, "We exist so an act of creation had to take place."

The Hindu have a different view.  From Goswami's "The Self-Aware Universe", I vaguely recall a passage speaking of that "which never ends and never began".  If that recollection is anywhere near close, the Hindu at least question whether "an act of creation took place" if not outright deny it.

Which begs the question, Exactly HOW is it we are here?!  Maybe the answer offered in poetry and melody by the Moody Blues is a good as any.

DC Treybil 

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