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Limbaugh's 'Big Lie' Strategy

• Lew Rockwell

What on earth did Michael Scheuer say to cause such an emotional explosion of bombast?, one might ask. Well, when asked by the host of a FOX News show about what might motivate Muslims from the Middle East to harm Americans, the man the CIA put in charge of the "bin Laden unit" said, "People don’t like being invaded or bombed," and they sometimes retaliate. This of course is perfectly reasonable and understandable. It’s called "blowback." He reminded the FOX host that Muslims have long protested the American military presence in the Muslim country of Saudi Arabia; the invasion and occupation of Iraq; the killing of thousands of Iraqi civilians; the statement by U.N. Ambasador Albright that a half million dead Iraqi children was "a price we are willing to pay" to achieve our political objectives; the U.S. government’s support for the government of Israel in its wars against Muslims; and the bombing and killing of civilians in numerous other Muslim countries, most recently in Mali and Libya under the Obama regime.

"We are trying to impose democracy . . . and parliamentary government . .. on a people who don’t want it," said Scheuer. All of this is perfectly true, which is why Limbaugh did not spend one second of air time disputing anything that Michael Scheuer actually said. He did not because he could not. Instead, Limbaugh attacked a straw man by reinterpreting Scheuer’s words to supposedly mean that "Islam has nothing to do with it" and "It’s the United States’ fault!!!!!!"


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