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GLPVC's TheRawFeedLive Presents -Pamela Rae Schuffert- "RING OF FIRE" Nukes - Tues Apr

Pamela Rae Schuffert has been performing in-depth investigative journalism nationwide for 18 years now. TONIGHT'S TOPIC: AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and The Coming NEW WORLD ORDER. President Obama, Please HALT "RING OF FIRE" Nukes NOW!

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Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 It usually is all about the Jews when it comes from a lot of the people who paruse this website. That also might include the poster of this article. Schuffert is an anti-Semite and a conspiracy theorist. Excerpt from one of her articles:

"Jewish Dr. PHILLIP KITTNER, his wife Barbara, and children David, Amy, Karen and Lisa. Kittner was at one time THE MAJOR ABORTONIST FOR ASHEVILLE BY DAY, and by night, THE ONE SATANIST MOST OFTEN USED TO
OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE FOR THE DREAD "POWER PEOPLE" COVEN ! Christian pro-lifers such as myself frequently encountered him in our battles against ABORTION in this city. And we soon discovered just how EVIL this man reallywas!    Abortionists such as KITTNER would actually supply local Satanist covens with INTACT ABORTED FETUSES, to later be used in SATANIC RITUALS. They would be DESECRATED, OFFERED TO SATAN, and then cannibalized. Admitted one former Satanist, "There was NEVER A RITUAL in which we were without ABORTED FETUSES!" I often wonder how many aborted fetuses KITTNER supplies the locals covens with!!!    As one former long term member admitted to me after finally coming out, "Kittner was a Jew from New Jersey. He was chosen by the coven to OFFER HUMAN SACRIFICE because of HIS SKILLS OF KILLING AS AN ABORTIONIST . And when I was being gang-raped by the men in the coven, I can remember most clearly THE FACES OF KITTNER AND HIS SON DAVID during those
rituals...Kittner forced all four of his children into it as well. When I tried to leave the coven, I was forcibly abducted and TIED TO A CROSS AND GANG RAPED BY KITTNER'S COVEN AGAIN as a warning NOT TO LEAVE!" (Ahhhhh...raped by Satanists ON THE CROSS, ANCIENT SYMBOL OF PERSECUTION AGAINST CHRISTIANITY AND JEWISH HATRED OF THE MERSSIAH AND THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIM!)"

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