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•, Jeff Weissman
 Cree warm white LED 40watt replacement
uses only 6watts
Brighttness = 450 Lumens
Estimated Energy cost per year $0.72
10 year warranty
85% Less Energy Consumption
$94 Lifetime Energy Savings (at $0.11/kwh when compared to 40w incandescent. 25,000 hour lifetime)
Dimmabel with standard dimmers
Instant full Brightness
All around light distribution
No Toxic mercury or lead
Safety coated glass

Anyway, my outside lights are recessed cans in my soffits, I have a total of 9 cans that had incandescent bulbs in them totaling 430 Watts. I now have changed them all to LEDS with a total of 61 watts. The old bulbs would last 10 months or so, my new LED are "supposed to last" 23 years.

So I,ve already figured out the daily average per year for outside lights in houston being operated dusk till dawn is 11 hours a day.
430 watt x 11 hours/day x 365 days =1726.45 kwh @ 10 cents p/kwh comes to $172 per year to operate my outside lights.
Now with the same math using the usage of the LEDs...come to $24.49 per year. Now take into consideration I just spent about $100 for the LED bulbs, and you can see there is a quick payback in about 10 months.

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