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Building Your SHTF Gunshot Survival Kit

• Brandon Smith via

The purpose of survival culture is to assess and address probabilities and uncertainties, and of course, prepare accordingly. We view assumption as the greatest Achilles Heal of humanity, and disdain attitudes of complacency, apathy, and general stupidity. For us, wide eyed and naïve ignorance is a fatal disease; one that gestates during the best of times, and strikes mercilessly during the worst of times. That said, there are some scenarios which even survivalists do not like to think about.

Being shot, or, hit with indirect shrapnel, is not a problem many of us want to imagine having to deal with. Some preppers, believe it or not, refuse to acknowledge that fighting may ever occur. They may think that the coming collapse will be mitigated and that government tyranny will fade away along with the financial structure. They may have a rather irrational faith in the effectiveness of digital currencies and other questionable technologies in defusing future crisis. They might even see themselves as “invincible” or untouchable, believing that their training will trump any circumstance. However, historical precedence cannot be denied. Most economic disasters over the past century have led to eventual widespread war, internal conflict, surges in domestic crime, government brutality, or, all of these violence prone situations combined. And, no matter how much training you might have, there is no accounting for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ideally, the best method for dealing with a gunshot wound is to not get shot. Since there is absolutely no way to guarantee such luck (even people who avoid conflict can still be a victim of it), we must set aside some money, and space in our bug-out-bag, for a fast and effective medical pouch designed specifically for a traumatic combat injury.

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