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Cop Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting The Assault

LAS VEGAS -- Clark County taxpayers may have to pay settlement money to a sexual assault victim and the family court marshal accused of assaulting her.

The I-Team broke the story of a wide-ranging investigation into family court abuse last month. Marshal Ron Fox was fired for sexually assaulting a woman in court and arresting her when she spoke up about it.

The video the I-Team uncovered is spurring outrage with viewers and shaking up the court. But the marshal that internal affairs called a liar may still get a taxpayer funded payday. The I-Team uncovered video of marshal Ron Fox arresting Monica Contreras. She was in court for a protection order hearing.

Internal affairs documents reviewed by the I-Team conclude Fox took Contreras to a side room and inappropriately searched her. When Contreras told the hearing master, Fox arrested her for making a "false allegation against a police officer." There is no Nevada law supporting the stated reason for that arrest.
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Comment by Scott Benton
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Please sign and share this petition to have (FIRED) Ron Fox charged and brought to justice for alleged sexual assault.

Comment by Don Duncan
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I'm surprised the judge did not fine the woman for contempt. This poor judge was obviously made to feel uncomfortable as demonstrated by her ignoring the woman's plea for justice by turning her back. Furthermore, the woman let her two year old accost the judge by failing to restrain her. And then the woman had the audacity to ask for an explanation for her arrest. As if all this was not enough she had to compound her offenses by backing away from the arresting officer. This was overtly resisting arrest. I was shocked. These poor court officials were just doing their job when they had to listen to a very disturbing charge brought against "one of their own". Can you imagine how you would feel if someone you worked with was accused of a sexual crime, right in the work place? This must have been especially stressful on people who hold themselves out to be public protectors. I marvel at the restraint shown by the officers. I would have just shot her to death on the spot. We can't have people going around shaking the public's confidence in the justice system. What's next? Anarchy?

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