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Equality in Gun Control Finally Achieved

• Ryan McMaken via

According to the Associated Press, new billboards in northern Colorado are controversial for using the fate of the Native Americans as an illustration of the dangers of gun control. The billboards are in the style of a reddit meme and feature a photograph of three men in traditional Plains Indian attire, with the caption "Turn in your arms. The Government will take care of you." 

According to the AP, one person condemned the billboard for "making light of atrocities the federal government committed against Native Americans."

Had the journalist or anyone interviewed for this story done any actual research on this matter, he or she would have quickly learned that the billboard is obviously based on a series of memes that have been around for years in various forms, and far from "making light" of atrocities against the Indians, are intended to be deadly serious (for the most part) in their references to the genocidal wars waged against the Indians.

Some interviewed for the piece went on to declare the message of the billboards as "extreme," and it says a lot that pointing out the indisputable fact that the treatment of Native Americans throughout most of American history has been based on deception and murder is considered by some people to be "extreme."

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