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Airborne Terror More Likely To Come Via TSA

• Steve Watson via PrisonPlanet

A report released as part of an investigation into security breaches at the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport concludes that for the most part, lapses occurred because TSA employees, and other airport workers were abusing their authority.

A local NBC affiliate reports that “Out of more than 140 confirmed security violations in two years — at least 106 were linked to badge holding employees and vendors.”

Among the violators who are alleged to have helped friends and family members bypass security check lines, was a TSA supervisor who was caught escorting other workers through restricted areas.

Worse still, Aviation Security Consultant Chaim Koppel noted that “for every one worker who gets caught as many as two or three abusing their badges manage to get through.”

The report also notes that “In another case, an American Airlines flight attendant was caught sneaking a backpack through an employee entrance and giving it to her husband boarding a flight to Germany.”

“Sometimes, unfortunately, humans do some really stupid things,” said airport security consultant, Larry Wansley.

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