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Libertarian Gun Control?

• Brian Wilson via

For someone who single-handedly brought about the landmark Heller decision, it is nearly incomprehensible Robert Levy penned the atrocity that appeared under his name in the New York Times. The Old Gray Lady used Levy’s stature to heap decidedly un-libertarian blessings on the resubmission of the recently defeated Mancin-Toomey "compromise" gun control legislation. That the Times so bastardized "libertarian" as an adjective to warn lawmakers is not surprising.

Levy recommends the Senate should pass the bill warts and all lest they and gun owners suffer "…accusations from President Obama and others that they are merely obstructionists, zealots who will not agree to common-sense gun legislation".

What happened to principles vs. ad hominyms?

Other errors of omission or commission:

It would allow Americans to buy handguns from out-of-state sellers, which is not allowed currently.

Wrong as written. A handgun seller in Peoria can sell to anyone in the USA providing it is shipped to the buyer’s FFL holder and said buyer successfully submit to the BATFE Form 4473 processing through the NICS System. Regardless of the local FFL participation, the buyer is purchasing the handgun from an out of state seller. The M-T compromise does not circumvent or eliminate the 4473 – NICS process.

It would explicitly prohibit the creation of a national gun registry, and make it a felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, to misuse records from the national database used for background checks.

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