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Organic agriculture ravaged by chemtrails - Monsanto seizes the opportunity, profits and dominates

 A mess of toxic chemicals, these harmful sprays pollute the soil, water and air while compromising the health of humans, animals and plants. And now Monsanto has developed seeds that will weather the effect of the sprays, creating a tidy profit for the corporation while organics suffer. If this poisoning continues, true organic farming may become impossible in the not so distant future.

Chemtrail cocktailGeoengineering hides behind the claim of arresting global warming through atmospheric spraying of arsenic, aerosol, aluminum, barium, depleted uranium and substantial amounts of mercury. There's only one problem - what goes up, must come down. These chemicals are seriously polluting our waterways and soil while seeping into crops and contaminating livestock, not to mention changing the weather patterns. Plants are especially sensitive to the soil degradation that occurs with chemtrail spraying, creating serious issues concerning our food supply. Enter Monsanto with a lucrative 'solution.'

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These chem-trails are acts of war and most is created by Evergreen Aviation, main headquarters in McMinnville Oregon. We are slowly being murdered and the planet being destroyed, but don't worry. it's just business as usual.

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