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"Never Forget" Means Endless War

• Free Press Publications
Allow me to ask a question: “How long with the attacks on September 11, 2001 be used as an excuse for murder and the repression of rights?”

Many people will think such a question is rhetorical and will answer with “never forget” or some other hollow reply aimed at degrading anyone who dares question the Global War on Terror. I ask this question, not only because it's been 11 ½ years since the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon. I ask because it's the go-to excuse from the White House. On April 16, Amina Ismail asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “Do you consider the U.S. bombing on civilians in Afghanistan earlier this month that left 11 children and a woman killed a form of terrorism? Why or why not?”

Carney replied, “Well, I would have to know more about the incident and then obviously the Department of Defense would have answers to your questions on this matter. We have more than 60,000 U.S. troops involved in a war in Afghanistan, a war that began when

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