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What you need to know about Bradley Manning


Two nights ago at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, Chase Madar, author of the stirring book, The Passion of Bradley Manning, had a dialogue about the case with Sarah Leonard, an editor at The New Inquiry. I extracted the following points from their presentation, under my own headings. All quotations are from Madar.

What did Manning produce?

Bradley Manning leaked three important bodies of documents from his army intelligence service, all of which went to Wikileaks. They are: the Iraq war logs, which comprise 391,000 field reports, most famously the video of the Apache helicopter, opening fire on small crowd of Iraqi civilians in July 2007, killing over a dozen of them, a video seen millions of times around the world, but including documentation of the Haditha massacre in which 24 Iraqi civilians, most of them women, children and the elderly, were killed by American soldiers.

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