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Can You Really Get By With Only Six (or Seven) Bullets?

• David LaPell via

In war and gun legislation, much is made about magazine capacity. It would seem this has always been the case and though practically anyone who teaches self-defense would tell you more rounds are preferred in any conceivable attack, politicians love to claim otherwise and as such have been passing and trying to pass magazine capacity limitations for over 30-years now. The results have been mixed. Some states limit shooters to 10 rounds, others state’s a few more, others still less, while here in New York state, we have to deal with the admittedly absurd (and some would say punitive) limit of only seven rounds.

The number of bullets a weapon can fire before reloading is something that both sides of America’s never-ending story gun debate obviously feel strongly about (regardless of the relative ignorance when it comes to defending oneself displayed on the gun control side) and like it or not, it is going to be something American shooters are going to have to contend with (well, until we get some new blood in office and some black robes who know what the word infringe means). If history is any indication, magazine capacity is something the gun control cabal will always overzealously target and with insane new laws popping up like weeds in my own backyard, I think it’s time to talk about the realities of only have a bullet for every finger on you in some places while concealed carrying.

Said better, can a shooter really stake his life on six (or seven) bullets?

Six-gun shooters unite

Most people who know me, know me first as a revolver shooter. I have always carried revolvers despite the fact that I am limited to five or six rounds. Because of this penchant, my neighbors used to chide me as old fashioned (a compliment in my book), but now that these folks are all limited to seven bullets, so my five or six round wheelgun is not as ‘old fashioned’ as it used to be. To me though, this six-gun stigma underlines an important point in self-defense: for a lot of us, revolvers never went out of style.

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