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Lightening Modeling

• arclein
high-energy radiation known as "dark lightning" immediately preceding a flash of ordinary lightning. The new finding provides observational evidence that the two

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Comment by Ed Price
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How many gasoline powered vehicles exist on the roads of the world today? They all have spark plugs.

A spark is a clump of electrons jumping from one place to another. Electrons are negatively charged, so they should repel each other. And normally they do. Yet, in the case of a spark, the electrons somehow shed their repelling force towards each other. Instead, they group together in a clump, and unite their repelling force to move them all away from one point to another. Once they have made it to the other place, they again take on their repulsion of each other; the clump dissolves and exists no longer.

Too bad the people of the United States have not learned the lesson of the spark. When the need arose, they clumped together and fought off King George. But then, once they had repelled King George, unlike the electrons of the spark, Americans weren't smart enough to "un-clump." Now they have to put up with each other and their stupid Governments.

I think we're going to turn into lightning this time.

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