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Furloughs Are Unnecessary If Congress Will Sacrifice

• Bridgette P. LaVictoire, Lez Get Real

Furloughs in the military. Elderly folks starving. Children’s education being stifled. Tanks the military doesn’t need. An additional engine for an F-35 that they don’t want, and millions of dollars in real waste. All of this adds up to the fact that Congress’, and especially the Republicans’, priorities are pretty much screwed up. The sequestration cuts have done little to actually fix the corruption and waste in the United States government, but it has done a lot to hurt people.

This is, of course, partially because of the priorities of Congress- which largely have to do with making sure that they get to keep their jobs. For instance, while the military is looking at furloughing thousands upon thousands of civilian contractors, they have stated that they could take the money being wasted on building more M-1 Abrams tanks and put it towards reducing or eliminating the furloughs.


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