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Social Networking and Livestream of the Dome

This last weekend at the Farm we started the construction of 3 new geodesic domes. They are made from the electrical conduit we used to make "The MoneyDome". Two of them are going to be for Ernie's new Auqaponics area, and one of them is going to be used to hep Leo Magpoc expand his homestead of rabbits and quail. It may be only a matter of time until we create alternative homes with these domes. Creating a dome with a thermal mass and a rocket heater, would bring us one step closer to freedom. We will be able to eliminate many of our current expenses on food and dwelling by creating these domes.
I decided to try out in order to create an event where people can come and watch Freedom's Phoenix live. We are still working on the details, including specific up close video and information that we can provide to you, that will help us break up the boring repetitious parts. Leo's daughter helped me take and post videos to the event. She is very smart, and may just end up being the next person working for Freedom's Phoenix.

We want to focus on getting you the pertinent information you will need to build your own dome. Please note that some of the videos are lengthy. Feel free to skip through them. We are trying out different social networking techniques. We shared with Facebook and twitter as we were filming. Periodically posting the videos as the event was happening. Sometimes is is hard to go back on Ernies facebook profile or one of the pages due to the fact that the RSS feeds overwhelm the information being shared.

We are working on creating new RSS feeds that will have information related to self sustainability and other topics so that we can narrow the information being shared on the different social sites.

Here are the events that we posted on livestream:
Dome Building:
Dome Building Part 2:

Some of the new social networking sites to follow Ernie on are:


We hope that by taking advantage of these sites we will be able to share and connect with people the relevant information they are searching for. As the lovealution continues, we continue to grow our communities by connecting and educating with one another.
Even if you have to create anonymous online identities to connect, it is worth it.

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