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A Nanoscale Peak at Lithium-air Batteries Promise Better Electric Vehicles

•, By Dexter Johnson
 The research has provided insight into the electrochemical reactions that occur when they are being charged.

Lithium-air batteries promise five to 10 times greater storage capacity than traditional lithium-ion batteries, leading many to believe that they may hold the key to turning electrical vehicles from a niche market to a much larger segment of the automotive industry.

There’s no question that electric vehicles continue to grab headlines, like the Tesla Model S,  which recently won Consumer Reports' highest rating yet for an automobile. I suppose the Consumer Reports editors must not be bothered by its 425 kilomter range or the hours-long refueling.
To bring EVs more in line with what people expect from their fossil-fuel-powered cars—namely, a 650-kilometer driving range and a about 2 minutes to fill it up again for the next 650 kilometers—there will need to be some significant improvements to the batteries that power these all-electric vehicles.

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