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Is Urban Survival really possible?

•, Rob Richardson
 Now I’m not talking about a natural disaster that lasts for a short period of time, in this case I’m talking about a worse case total collapse scenario.
The way I see it Urban Survival presents a number of challenges to those who live in a big city.
1. Sanitation I wrote an article last week on how garbage could become a huge problem in a total collapse scenario. But it’s not just garbage that poses a threat.

It’s not a pleasant thought but if the water ever stopped running and the sewage systems stopped working can you imagine how fast things would spiral out of control? From people “going in the streets” to buildings that will quickly become unsanitary hell holes, living in a big city will become a huge threat to your health and safety.

I think sanitation will be one of the most dangerous issues for those living in an urban environment.  It has the potential to spread disease, pollute the waterways and kill a large number of people.

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