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Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Taze Victims

•, Paul Joseph Watson

The video begins with the cops standing on the man’s front lawn looking in through the window having responded to a report of a noise disturbance called in by neighbors. Despite the fact that the couple are obviously not at loggerheads and no harm is coming to anybody, the police announce that they are going to break into the house without a warrant.

“Why are you guys not coming out?,” asks one of the officers, bemused at the fact that someone wouldn’t follow orders.

“Because we don’t live in a police state, sir. Martial law has not been established in this country,” responds the homeowner.

The officer then orders the couple to get down on the ground and put their hands behind their backs, adding, “We’re gonna kick in the door.”

The cops kick down the door and enter the home with guns drawn as the homeowner exclaims, “You have no right to be in here!”

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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These psyco bastard sob's with guns and badges are totally out of control and the most dangerous element in this country today and those who train these thugs and hire them are just as guilty. They rob, plunder, harm and murder with full sanctions. Maybe they are all 007's  and they want to take away our guns? Right

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