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New Private Security Police Officer MI — Overview

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Michigan Private Security Police Officers

Private Security Police Officers work for pri­vate police forces autho­rized by the State Police. To be a pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer you must have pre­vi­ous police offi­cer, mil­i­tary or other related ser­vice. Most pri­vate guards are pri­vate secu­rity guards, not pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cers in Michigan.

Private Security Police Officer Requirements

Private secu­rity police offi­cers must:

-Meet min­i­mum age requirements
-Have secu­rity or law enforce­ment experience
-Not have any felony con­vic­tion or any spe­cific mis­de­meanor convictions
Misdemeanor Arrest Authority

A pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer has the author­ity to arrest a per­son for a sus­pected mis­de­meanor offense with­out a war­rant when the pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer is on the employer’s premises and in full unfirom. Such author­ity is lim­ited to their hours of employ­ment as a pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer and does not extend beyond the bound­aries of the prop­erty of the employer and while the pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer is in the full uni­form of the employer.

Training for Private Security Police Officers

Private secu­rity police offi­cers must be trained accord­ing to Michigan State Police require­ments as follows:

-Legal: Criminal law and pro­ce­dure; civil law and diversity
-Special Curriculum: Firearms famil­iar­iza­tion or firearms pro­fi­ciency, if car­ry­ing firearms, and defen­sive tactics
-Critical Incident Curriculum: CPR/first aid, non-violent intervention,and emer­gency preparedness
-Patrol Operation
Continuing Education

Private secu­rity police offi­cers in Michigan are required to to the fol­low­ing annual, main­te­nance secu­rity offi­cer classes:

-First aid
-Emergency pre­pared­ness
-Legal update
-Defensive tac­tics and firearms range qual­i­fi­ca­tions or strate­gic video train­ing for those who carry firearms
Additional Information

The infor­ma­tion avail­able on the Michigan State Police Website is not clear on how you become a pri­vate secu­rity police offi­cer. Security police offi­cer require­ments are not cov­ered in detail on this web­site. Private secu­rity forces are respon­si­ble for hir­ing, train­ing and man­ag­ing the secu­rity police offi­cers. If you want to become a pri­vate secu­rity policer offi­cer, either as some­one you know who is already one or con­tact a pri­vate secu­rity force.  Currently, the fol­low­ing are the only such pri­vate secu­rity forces in Michigan:

-Detroit Medical Center
-Henry Ford Health System
-St. John Hospital & Medical Center
-Spectrum Health
-Renaissance Center Management Co.
-Fairlane Town Center
-Pontiac School District
-Lansing School District
-Schoolcraft College
-Wayne County Community College District
-University of DetroitMercy
-Emergent BioDefense Lansing, Inc. 

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