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75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police

• NBC News (video)

Michael Allison faces 75 years in prison for five counts of recording law enforcement officials without their consent in Robinson, Illinois.

Illinois is one of the states applying old eavesdropping and wiretapping statutes to new technologies like cell phones or anything else that records audio.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Total Madness and Twilight Zone on Steroids all the way. It shows you how over the top and out of control the justus system really is and the tyranny behind it all. How they continue to get away with the crimes they commit daily is because most people are ignorant on this and all by design. How does one know what laws are being enforced upon oneself if he doesn't know the law and I'm not talkin about the color of law.



Comment by Steven Pitzl
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This video seems to be dated, although it was uploaded recently it seems to be from ~June 2011.  The eavesdropping charges were dismissed by the judge, the state's appeal was also dismissed. Now Allison is filing a Federal lawsuit to overturn Illinois' eavesdropping law. A more recent story is



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