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2nd Amendment Activist James Kaleda Ejected from Gun Control Hearing

• youtube (h/t Lew Rockwell blog)

Second Amendment activist, James Kaleda, was forcefully removed from a hearing on a new gun control bill in NJ during his testimony.

Notice in the video the legislators laugh as they have their security (armed with guns of course) remove Kaleda before he finished his testimony.

Kaleda receives a standing ovation from the gallery during his ejection.
So this is how liberty dies, to a thunderous applause?

No matter your views on gun control, someone should have the right to finish their testimony before Big Brother forcibly removes them from the hearing for daring to present a view separate to theirs.

By the way this was a hearing for a bill that would enact gun confiscation in New Jersey. 

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Nothing new or any big surprise. When ever you corner any of these thugs disguised behind respectability in control of the local empire, (county) they resort to threats, force or violence if necessary to keep any substance of truth or common sense off the table and of course they have their drones with guns and badges that don't even know the first amendment of the Constitution to follow their orders. Hitler would be proud if he were alive to witness this. We have presented absolute evidence and proof of crimes being committed by public officials to county commissioners that just ignore or collude together to hide and cover up or stop any investigations of such crimes. They all protect themselves and each other if it does not jeopardize their safety and freedoms. The time is soon coming however that many of these real criminals will find themselves in jail or at the end of a rope and it is coming.

The Iceland success of freedom is coming to Amerkia.


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