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Genetics Have Little Influence Over Health: Top Stem Cell Biologist Asserts

•, By Carolanne Wright
 Working as a stem cell researcher at Stanford University, Lipton uncovered a startling truth: Our genetic composition has very little influence on health, whereas the impact of chemistry within the body is far-reaching. The key to unlocking exceptional wellness is actually found in the subconscious mind – if we reprogram our negative thought habits, we create a new internal chemistry where spontaneous healing and vibrant health are possible. Cells respond to environment, not pre-determined genetic code

During an interview on GreenMed TV, Lipton explored the ramifications of his discovery that genetically identical stem cells will behave differently when placed in varying petri-dish environments. Some would develop into bone cells, others muscle. It all depended on the specific chemical environment, not the genetic code. He began to question how this related to the human body and its 50 trillion cells.

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