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Methylation and Why It Matters to You

•, By Ameer Rosic
 How do the cells in your eyes know to make more eye-cells and not heart-cells? Why do liver cells not grow in your bones?

The methylation cycle, an essential bodily function that occurs in hundreds of processes throughout the body, is the key to gene expression. It turns off particular segments of DNA in each cell, instructing your eye cells to make only eye cells not liver cells.

You want your body to be a good methylator and not just for the purpose of healthy gene expression. This fundamental cycle also protects and stabilizes chromosomes, activates and deactivates stress hormones, co-creates neurotransmitters, contributes to ATP energy production, aids in detoxification, regulates growth and healing hormones, helps in the development and function of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), and refines the immune system.

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