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Free Adam Kokesh Call Flood - 8:00am until 5:00pm in EDT Monday, May 20, 2013

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Please pick up your phone for Adam, call and politely but firmly demand his immediate and unconditional release. Ranked in order of importance:

"I demand the immediate and unconditional release of Adam Kokesh and the dropping of all charges against him."

(1) US Attorney (Phila): (215) 861-8200
(2) US Magistrate (Phila): (215) 597-6079
(3) Philadelphia Federal Prison: 215-521-4000 (wait a sec, then press 0)
(4) US Federal Courthouse (Phila): (215) 597-7704
(5) US Park Police Office of the Chief in DC: (202) 619-7350 and Phila: 215-597-7077

**It is not necessary to give them your name, phone number or other identifying information. Don't do it.**

After calling, please tweet using the hashtag #FreeAdam.

Full information at

If you can make it to center city Philly, please attend the rally: events/336451339790893/

Liberty activists have been released in the past solely upon the outpouring of public support that came via a flood call. Government "justice" is not impartial. When the judge and US attorney know that Adam has an incredible amount of support and that we stand ready to voice that support in ways that are not convenient for these bureaucrats, then we can convince them that Adam is more trouble than he is worth.

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