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Gun Owners: Freedom Lovers or Cry Babies? - by Paul Bonneau

• L. Neil Smith**Q**s The Libertarian Enterprise

Well, what about a "legitimate" traffic stop, where the officer wants to "temporarily" control your weapon? I say sure, go ahead and give him a warning you won't be disarmed. Point out that if "officer safety" were really his concern, he wouldn't be attempting to disarm someone who refuses to be disarmed. Point out that the safest thing to do is stop kicking hornet's nests. Ask him if he gave his wife and kids a final kiss goodbye, before coming to work today. I'm all for providing warnings to clueless and thuggish "It's the Law!" minions of the state despite the tactical disadvantage it puts you at.

If a few cops get killed this way, it's a fair bet the rest of them will stop doing it. Funny how that works.


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