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News Link • Adam vs The Man

Adam Kokesh Legal Defense Fund

Fund to get a lawyer for Adam's hearing on Thursday. Adam was falsely arrested for Felony Assault on a Federal Officer. Video shows otherwise.

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Comment by Ed Price
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One of the most secret holy of holies in Government's arsenal of weapons against the common American is the TRUST. You might say to me, "But everybody has heard of a trust. There are pure trusts. There are revocable and irrevocable trusts. There is the public trust. There are living trusts. What do you mean, 'secret holy of holies?'"

Here's what I mean. Do you trust your husband or wife? Do you trust your brother or sister? Do you trust your parents or children? Do you trust your church leaders or Government leaders? How much do you trust any of them?

You see, when you don't directly control anyone who is in some close proximity to you, you trust him/her. If the people near you, physically, have control of their own actions, then you MUST trust them, right? If you don't trust them, you get your gun out, or else you leave, right?

So, where is the trust indenture and bylaws for each and every trust between you and the next person? - remember, that person is trusting you to some extent. If he/she can't control your every action that you might do towards him/her, he/she MUST trust you to some extent. So again. Where are the trust indenture and bylaws to which you have agreed, that express how you are going to treat a person who MUST trust you, because that person is in close proximity to you, like the person you pass walking down the sidewalk? Where's the paperwork?

Here is the secret holy of holies of Government. If you do NOT have written, literal trust paperwork, the trust is implied. And the implied trust is under the authority of Government. They call it a "constructive trust."

Look up "constructive trust" in all the legal dictionaries and encyclopedias. Read, clearly what you find written there. Then apply the definitions and explanations, broadly, to your view of how Government treats the people. When you think about it, you should come to at least part of the conclusion that I have, that there are millions upon millions of constructive trusts and potential constructive trusts residing in the hands of the Government. And because of this, they feel that it is their complete right - maybe even duty - to trample all over your supposed rights in any way they want.

Why does Government keep the constructive trust knowledge as hidden and secret as they can? Because you have the ability and right to use reverse constructive trusts against them. And they want to protect themselves and maintain control of you and your wealth.

Guys like David DeRiemer and Howard Griswold and Alfred Adask can show you how to sidestep Government's constructive trusts, and maybe even turn them back against Government.


constructive trust

a trust created by a court (regardless of the intent of the parties) to benefit a party that has been wrongfully deprived of its rights

Comment by Ed Price
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But, but, but, you absolutely MUST traverse in their system. Even if you do not physically resist in any way, if you don't enter their jurisdiction at least passively, one of their armed, paid thugs will blast you out of existence. I'm surprised David DeRiemer and Howard Griswold and Alfred Adask have lasted as long as they have.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Adam doesn't need a foreign agent. He needs to know how the game is played and challenge their jurisdiction and authority. All these thugs hiding behind respectability are all corporate drones and have no more authority then the greeter at Wal-Mart except for their force and violence. They are nothing more then criminal thugs under the color of law in the justus system enforced by indoctrinated drones with guns and badges. Hitler would be proud.

These lying bastards will manufacture what ever it takes to cover their racketeering criminal actions. They are there to protect the corporation and their pay checks and that's it.

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