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California Cop Panics Over Cell Phone Camera, Thinking it Could be a Gun

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A New Jersey  California cop who was being video recorded by a smartphone said she was in fear for her life because the phone could have possibly been a gun, marking at least the fourth time this year a cop in this country has uttered those nonsensical words.

After all, if Detective Shannon Todd of the Newark Police Gang Unit was really so stupid to believe that the phone could have been a gun, then why did she first order the citizen to place it back into his pocket?

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Comment by Ed Price
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From the online dictionary at

a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.


A deep-rooted fear that has no real cause is a phobia. A list of phobias can be found here:


Medscape Reference at says that a phobia is a mental disorder.


Why are the people who hire law enforcement officers, hiring the mentally disordered? Shouldn't we have mentally sound people in Government positions, and especially in law enforcement positions? Isn't it about time we start pushing our city and county law enforcement heads to get rid of these sick law enforcement people, and to hire people who are mentally sound rather than mentally ill? Isn't it about time that mentally ill law enforcement people around the country start being relieved of their positions, once it becomes apparent that they are mentally ill?

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