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College is expensive. And thanks to Washington, you might soon be paying more

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But when scholarships and grants—outright gifts either from the government or private institutions and individuals—fall short of covering escalating costs, American students turn to student loans. What’s going to happen? What’s President Obama doing about all of this? How did the federal government get involved in financing higher education in the first place? And is college worth it?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Loans in the U.S. and most (if not all) developed countries are the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever known. Why? Because Government has authorized the Fed to print money out of thin air, to put it into existence through loans and no other way, and then to repay the loans to the Fed (through the legal lending institutions - banks). In this way, the banks - the Fed - are receiving ALL MONEY back with value that wasn't there when it was created by them out of thin air. And there is a whole lot more to it that makes it a whole lot worse - like the interest on loans, and fractional reserve banking.

When do Ponzi schemes work? As long as there are more people available to enter the Ponzi schemes. In this case, the United States Government covertly causes wars through CIA and other black bag activities around the world. The result is that countries come to the U.S. for foreign aid to fight whatever rebels. They are tricked into the Ponzi scheme, and the supply of people continues. If the country doesn't accept the Ponzi, the U.S. gets the rebels to enter the Ponzi, and then supplies them with financing necessary to overthrow the government of the particular country. Student loans by Government are simply another way to assure the supply of unsuspecting people into the Ponzi.

There are three things happening at the same time that are disrupting the Ponzi scheme the United States Government and the Federal Reserve Bank have going. They are: 1) The world is literally running out of new people to sucker into the Ponzi; 2) Many other major country groups are starting their own Ponzi's, copying the Fed; they are resisting entry into the U.S. Ponzi, or they are attempting to withdraw themselves; 3) The American people are waking up to the Ponzi, and are starting to fight it every way that they can.

The result will be that the money system will collapse. It has been designed to collapse. In fact, the Big Bankers around the world are probably a bit amazed that it has lasted as long as it has. But, their idea is to have enough wealth set aside for themselves in the form of tangible assets so that they are sitting pretty when the collapse finally comes.

The question is NOT, Will the banking Ponzi system collapse? The question is, When will it collapse?

The collapse will probably not be a gradual collapse. It probably will happen over a very short period of time, perhaps less than one day. It may come with a disruption of world communications. It won't be pretty, but IT ABSOLUTELY WILL COLLAPSE.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The entire college student loan system is a huge deception and fraud industry and this truth is beginning to surface.

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