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Department of Homeland Security: Selling Counterfeit Goods is Now “Terrorism”

If the IRS scandal wasn’t enough to convince you that bloated, corrupt, bureaucratic government institutions pose a greater threat to our freedoms than any terrorist attack ever could, this story should settle it once and for all. In light of the fact that pretty much every terrorist plot the U.S. government has “thwarted” since 9/11 has been either FBI or CIA hatched schemes rooted in entrapment, the DHS has a lot of spare time on its hands to hunt frightening acts of “domestic terrorism.” You know, like fake Gucci bags. This story is beyond unacceptable. From WIVB Channel 4 News:

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Comment by Ed Price
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Government is the terrorists. This is simply one more way that they are proving themselves to be terrorists. It's not the act of catching copycats claiming to be the genuine item that is terrorism. It is the fact that they are calling counterfeiting terrorism. The next thing will be to crack down on competition. Soon there will be only one owner and distributor of all products. It will be Government. No more free enterprise.

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