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Marc Faber: Central Banks Should Be Manipulating Gold Higher, Not Lower

 And, Marc, recently we’ve seen a precipitous fall in gold unlike anything seen in a few years. I’d like to get your take: What’s behind this fall in gold? Because it took the markets by surprise – there’s a lot of theories out there, including this week in Barron’s by Randall Forsythe saying that, this time, gold bugs may have a point. What are your thoughts?
Dr. Marc Faber: Well, there are many theories why the price went down. Simply put, there were more sellers than buyers. Now, of course, a lot of people have all kinds of theories that people manipulate the market down and so forth. That might be the case. I don’t have a clue. Now, rather than say it has been the case or hasn’t been the case it may be worthwhile to analyze why someone has an interest to manipulate the price of gold down.

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